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Digital Signage Services/Requirements


Our in-house digital signage system is Four Winds Interactive, which is controlled by the Austin Convention Center. All screens can display content as a group, or be configured to run content independently, depending upon the need. The screens do not have audio capabilities.

Content submittal process: Content must be submitted a minimum of 14 (fourteen) days or more prior to the scheduled start date of your event. Content is reviewed and tested, then deployed during your event as directed. Signage submission deadlines, specifications and acceptable content formats are listed below.

Deadline for Digital Signage Submissions

  • 14 (Fourteen) days or more prior to the scheduled start date of an event
  • Files are submitted to ACCD IT
  • Email address: accddigitalbiz@austintexas.gov
  • Phone: 512-404-4036

Digital Screens (Overhead – Used for event signage and facility way-finding information)

  • 8 digital flat screens are located throughout the facility.
  • Clients send event and/or scheduling information (including graphic files) to ACCD IT for review, test and deployment.
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Digital Screens (Meeting Rooms – Used for event scheduling information)

  • Digital screens for meeting rooms 1 through 5 are located on Level 2 of the facility.
  • Clients send the event and/or scheduling information (including graphic files) to ACCD IT for review, test and deployment.
  • Clients can send a Powerpoint slide(s) of their event information per/room to ACCD IT for review, test and deployment.
  • Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels

Content Types Accepted for Client Submitted Media

  • PowerPoint (16:9 aspect ratio) orientation set for continuous auto-loop as viewed from a kiosk (note: simple slide shows with no animation are best)
  • Flash
    Images (highest resolution for best display)
    Video (MP-4, digital files only, no DVDs)

Kiosks (Free-standing – Kiosks are strictly for facility use only)

Digital Signage Services (Exterior Marquees)

Our exterior marquees are in two (2) locations around the Palmer Events Center. The marquees are on Riverside Dr. and Barton Springs Rd. All marquee signs are energy-efficient LED panels.


  • Best Format Preferred - .bmp (bitmap) or .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • High Resolution .jpeg
  • Resolution: Minimum - 72 dpi, Maximum - 300 dpi


  • Format must be .avi file
  • Maximum loop time of 8- 10 seconds preferred
  • Resolution: Minimum - 72 dpi, Maximum - 300 dpi

Font Style

  • Best Font Preferred - Large San Serif (i.e. Arial, Helvetica)
  • If a Preferred font is use specifically for your logo, please convert fonts to Outlines, as we may not have all fonts available.

Color Style

  • Contrasting Colors are more effective for legibility

Marquee Locations and Pixel Dimensions

  • Barton Springs Rd. - 112 x 48 pixels
  • Riverside Dr. - 192 x 64 pixels

Basic Text Template (No graphics included)

An Event can be publicized in basic text without graphics or logos.
One message can hold three (3) lines:

  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Event Time (if requested)
  • Event Location (if requested)
  • Items that cannot be publicized include: Quotes, Passages and/or Citations

Marquee Notes to Consider

  • The LED exterior marquees have limited resolution capabilities, which are not suitable for every graphic display type.
  • Keep in mind, the marquees are in sunlight and this can affect the legibility. White backgrounds are highly inadvisable.
  • Highly detailed graphics with intricate shapes may lose shape/readability
  • Graphics must be submitted within exact pixel dimensions for each of the two (2) marquee dimension sizes.
  • We cannot resize flattened (rasterized) graphics to fit without significant distortion and/or image loss.

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